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Our Doctors are specialized in mental health, including substance use disorders.


Complex neurobiological disease that requires integrated treatment of the mind & body.

Mental Challenged

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Habit Formation

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Schizophrenic Home

Nirvan Rehab Centre, Lucknow

Is a 100 bedded well equipped centre with a general, private, semi-private and a separate female ward. Rehab centre is situated on the Lucknow Haldwani, Haridwar and Bareilly.

It is one of the novel medical centers in UP and Uttarakhand state, providing extensive modern facilities and specialized treatment for various Neuro- Psychiatric, Behavioral, Psychological & Addictive disorders.

It is now a full-fledged rehab with extensive modern diagnostic facilities. The rehab centre is designed to meet the specific & individual needs of patients and is staffed by a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team of professionals.

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We treat and rehab Alcohol/Smack/Fortwin and other Drug Addictions, Sex, Psychological or other behavioural problems.

Admission and Ambulance facility available 24 HRS
Medicinal treatment
Psychological Treatment & support
Relationship counselling
Habit Formation
Naturopathic treatment
Yog Meditation
Body detoxification through anima steam bath & oxygen music, Colour and aroma therapy
Mental Health through spirituality
Complete mental & physical health programme


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